Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Summer down!

At this time of year when school supplies are on display at Target, decorations of orange, red, and brown are available at Michael's and Pottery Barn, and people begin pinning remarks of cold weather and boots on Pinterest, summer is coming to a close.  Most people started their school year yesterday.  Since I'm now in nursing school, I'm on a whole new schedule and I begin September 10th.  I'm jealous of those starting so early especially since I've already quit my job for school and I now spend my days crafting and homemaking.  Sounds fun, but it gets old.

We were able to end summer festivities well.  All summer we've had barbeques, swim parties, and fishing trips.  In our last month, we got to do the final summer activities to close a great season.

First, went on our annual Lake Powell trip.

For the rest of the month, we spent weekends swimming and relaxing.  Clearly Jack is a pro at this.

We celebrated Karsten's 24th birthday.  I didn't get him a gun this year, but he still had a good time with his camo walkie talkies!

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